Jack Wilshere has no need to ‘Mature’ to be Core of Arsenal


Ever since Jack Wilshere made a tiny little quip about Tottenham, the debate has again raged up over whether or not he is worth the pain he is causing Arsenal. Pundits are calling for him to grow up, to shut up, to stop being Jack Wilshere. Well, with all do respect, they all need to shut up and let Jack Wilshere be Jack Wilshere.

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The belligerent Engish midfielder drank for 24 straight hours following the FA Cup win and he made it known with his parade-day chants and whatnot. Was it a bit cringe-worthy? Sure. Should the FA charged him with misconduct? Absolutely not. Even with the warning from last year, this was an internal issue and the FA greatly overstepped their boundaries in charging him with anything.

But now to the point. Jack Wilshere has been heralded as the future of English football and the future core of Arsenal football, so does he need to tone it down and mature in order to attain that heightened level of stuff?

Not at all. Football has plenty of successful ‘bad boys.’ You need look no further than Wayne Rooney. Rooney has a history of foul-mouthed, violent antics. He has been suspended for kicking the opposition and screaming obscenities into a live television camera. But do the experts tell him to tone it down? Not at all.

John Terry is another world-class player with a personality that leaves much to be desired. Between his racist remarks and denying that they ever happened, Terry is not the kind of player that you would want to have at a dinner party.

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Roy Keane, Vinnie Jones, even Diego Maradonna had significant off-field and on-field antics that one would call “questionable” but they still managed to establish themselves as some of the best of their time and of all time.

So why all the hate on Jack Wilshere?

It’s simple really. The media has only grown into more and more of an uncontrollable monster over the years and Jack Wilshere is the latest subject. Not only that, but the 23-year old has had injury problems and has not been able to back up his talk with consistent play. We have seen that he can do it, it is just a matter of staying healthy.

Even with all that considered though, what Jack Wilshere does can not be considered worse than ‘playful’. Sure, he headbutted Marouane Fellaini (gloriously), but Zinedine Zidane once headbutted someone too, and we think quite highly of him. So Wilshere drinks when he’s not training, so he stays out late into the evening, he’s a celebratory guy, that doesn’t take away from what he can do on the pitch. If he started wheeling kegs onto the bench for half-time fiestas, then we would have a problem, but as it stands, Jack Wilshere does not let his off-field antics get in the way of how he performs on the pitch.

You won’t find a player more dedicated to his team and towards driving that team to success than Jack Wilshere to Arsenal. You could even say that little drunken rants against Tottenham endear him to the club more (as the Star suggests). There is a reason why no one at Arsenal was going to punish him.

Even when Jack Wilshere starts proving how good he is on a consistent basis, there is still always going to be those people that say he is his own worst enemy. But in the end, Jack Wilshere would not be the first “bad boy” to be remembered for his greatness on the pitch.

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