Arsene Wenger Must Address These Positions for Future Success


Many pundits are claiming that Arsenal is on the verge of fielding a title-winning team. After an (arguably) successful second half of last season in which the Gunners earned the most points in the EPL, won the FA Cup, and proved they could compete even away against the ‘big’ sides, some have tipped them to be premier contenders for the league title next year.

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Arsenal should have a half chance to do so no matter what, but much of that chance will depend on the moves the club and Arsene Wenger make this summer in the transfer window. There are many opinions out there surrounding who Wenger, specifically, should buy, but two to three things need to happen if Arsene wants to put the club in definite title contention: Arsenal needs a new goalkeeper, holding midfielder, and maybe a striker.

Firstly, the Gunners need a goalkeeper. With Petr Cech rumors swirling, it seems that Arsene Wenger might be genuinely trying to lure the Chelsea veteran to the Emirates. This would be a great move for Arsenal.

Though the North London club does have three first team keepers available (Szczezny, Ospina, and ‘Emi’ Martinez), a proven world class keeper is often essential in order to win the Premier League. Thibaut Courtois and David de Gea, both known as elite keepers, are prime examples of how much a keeper can help a squad- remember the November 2014 match against Manchester United in which De Gea had 8 saves ( and practically won the game for Man U against Arsenal?

The point is, even with a solid defense, goalkeepers are the last and arguably most important defensive piece in the squad, and their significance can never be overlooked. If Wenger gets his hands on an elite keeper like Cech, the Gunners will be a stronger team next year.

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Next, the Gunners need a holding midfielder. Though Arsene Wenger does have Francis Coquelin, Mathieu Flamini, and Mikel Arteta at his disposal, the veteran and formerly preferred Spaniard seems to be nearing the end of his career, and though he was injured for much of 2015, he struggled to even make the bench when fit.

Moreover, Flamini is arguably no longer first team quality. That leaves Francis Coquelin as the only truly viable defensive-minded midfielder left in the Arsenal first team. Because of this, the Frenchman needs cover. This is paramount, too, as Arsenal witnessed firsthand the significance a solid holding midfielder can have on the success of a squad with the emergence of Francis Coquelin this past season. If Coquelin happened to get injured last season, Arsenal might have even struggled to comfortably secure a fourth placed league finish.

Wenger could also choose to start two defensive midfielders when necessary, and Coquelin plus another holder in the middle could prove to be a defensive wall, even against other top four teams. ‘The Boss’ could even choose a more experienced mid, like a Morgan Schneiderlin for example, to even place above Coquelin – who is already a sufficient starting 11 candidate – in the first team pecking order.

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Lastly and most controversially, is what Arsene Wenger should do with his lineup of strikers, and here is my proposal. First, Wenger is not safe betting that Giroud can help Arsenal win the title as his starting striker. Though the Frenchman boasted one of the best goal per game ratios in the league this season, he hasn’t been the title-winning answer in the years he has been at Arsenal. For example, Giroud has never placed top 5 in goals scored per season in the years he has played with Arsenal (

Next, Welbeck is probably not the answer. Though the young Englishman has shown glimpses of brilliance at times, he unarguably has not proven himself a consistent, top level finisher.

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That leaves Theo Walcott. Walcott came back from his 2014 ACL injury with a vengeance this past season, scoring in his first start in less than a minute. In the following months however, the pacey attacker could rarely break into the starting lineup. Then Wenger started him at striker against West Brom in Arsenal’s final EPL match, and Walcott earned himself a memorable first half hat trick.

The following week, Wenger started Walcott up top again, and he opened the game’s scoring with a menacing, impressive first half volley. Needless to say, he ended the season in form – similar to Giroud – and if he can carry that form into next season, there will be no need to make a striker signing.

I say that because the 2015/16Premier League season starts August 8th (, but the 2015 summer transfer window closes September 1st ( That will leave Arsenal and Wenger nearly a month to see how Walcott and or Giroud perform, and if either proves their doubters wrong, there will be no need for a deadline day purchase like Wenger chose to make on Welbeck last year.

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In conclusion, to win the title, there is plenty to do regarding signings Arsene Wenger should or should not secure. Arsenal and Wenger need a top-tier keeper, and a new holding midfielder is completely necessary. We’ll see what happens with Walcott, Giroud, and maybe even Welbeck in the beginning of next season and maybe this summer, too, and their form will determine if a new striker is needed.

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