Is Serge Gnabry Playing Hard to Get with Arsenal or Could He Actually Leave?


Since recovering from his year-long knee injury, Arsenal youngster Serge Gnabry has barely been noticed. He has returned to training and sent a message to the first team that he was coming for their spots, but aside from that, the young speedy German was sitting in the shadows.

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Until he decided to make all of Gooner nation a bit queasy with one simple statement. After being asked if he was going to stay with the Gunners, Serge Gnabry did not give the simple yes answer. He said (via Inside Futbol): “At the moment my contract runs until 2017. We’ll see what happens after the European Championship.”

It is a bit conspicuous that he did not give a straightforward answer. It could mean a whole variety of things, all of which we will take the time to over analyze. Starting now.

Perhaps Serge Gnabry has heard some sweet nothings whispered in his ear by some big name clubs like Bayern Munich or Barcelona, promising him the world. Maybe he is giving those whispers some though.

Serge Gnabry has gobs of potential and at 19 years of age, there are plenty of teams he could be starting on right now. But top tier teams like that? Not quite. Plus, Arsenal is a top tier team and he found his way into their starting squad and made a good solid impact before getting hurt.

Then there’s the scenario that he has already decided to move on somewhere else when his contract runs up, which would be a surprise to all parties involved. While Arsenal have a mass of talented players, it is not an inaccessible code to crack. Look at Hector Bellerin. Few would have anticipated he would be our indispensable right back when the season started.

Another scenario plays off of the last one, that maybe Serge Gnabry sees this mass of talent that Arsenal has and can not see a way into it. He plays the same position as Alexis, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Santi Cazorla, not to mention whoever else Arsenal may add. It can be intimidating, especially considering that Serge Gnabry is last on that list as it stands.

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However, given that he has challenged the first-team to keep him out of the starting squad next year, it is not likely that he is easily intimidated.

Perhaps it really is a matter of playing hard to get. By coyly implying that he does not know where he may end up, perhaps he is hoping that Arsene Wenger may slip him in the lineup to keep him happy. From there, it is up to Serge Gnabry to retain his position.

Whatever the situation, I do not think we have anything to seriously worry about. At least not yet. We will see Serge Gnabry again and he will probably look silky smooth as always on the ball. That does not mean we are free of all worry, though.

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