Arsenal Fans Right to be upset over FIFA 16 Cover Vote


Any time there is a spot of democracy in the world of football, it manages to swing in Arsenal’s favor. Maybe that is because Arsenal are a bunch of freedom-loving, democratic-world beacons, or maybe it is because they are trolls. Arsenal managed to win team of the year, Alexis Sanchez won player of the year and Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey both won respective goals of the year when voted on by the fans.

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However, when the players voted, Alexis Sanchez did not even break the top three in the PFA Award. Suspicious? A little bit.

Now, with FIFA 16 set to be realized in the coming months, the search is on for who the cover athlete should be that gets to bask in the limelight, or at least all the limelight they can scrounge from Lionel Messi’s shadow.

The candidates? Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois, Jordan Henderson or Harry Kane.

Notice anything missing? I do. No Alexis Sanchez, no Aaron Ramsey, no Mesut Ozil, no Santi Cazorla… no Arsenal!

While the Telegraph has gone so far as to say that EA Sports is smart for doing this because Arsenal are liberty aficionados who enact their right to vote better than anyone else. I beg to differ. There is absolutely no feasible reason why there is not a single representative of the two most storied English football clubs on this list of candidates. That is right, I am backing Manchester United’s case as well, and yes, I feel really queasy about it.

I get that this is a “regional” cover and that the Premier League is “English Football” and not a single one of those Arsenal candidates is “English” but neither is Aguero or Courtois. And if it is another case of being too new to the game for Alexis to be on the vote, then why is Harry Kane? And lets be honest, if you were to start building a team around a midfielder, who would you choose first: Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, or Jordan Henderson? I will bet you did not say Henderson.

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I mean no disrespect to the guys on the list. They are all great players. But to not include a player from Arsenal when so many candidates are glaring to be considered? That is just blatant disregard for no apparent reason. If EA Sports really is concerned that the Arsenal fans will exercise their right to vote, then they should not make it up to the fans. You can not punish a fan base for having too much passion or too much love for freedom, liberty and all other clever synonyms that I have been trying to use for the right to vote.

What’s funny is that if you go to the FIFA website and read about the cover vote, there is the frequently asked question of “Can anyone vote?” to which the answer is “Yes!” However, they should have an asterisk that says “but we would prefer if Arsenal fans did not.”

Here is the silver lining to take from this, Arsenal fans. Arsenal plays a team game that does not key in on one particular player. Therefore if Arsenal were to make the cover, EA Sports would have to include about 14-15 Arsenal guys, and there just is not enough room on the cover of FIFA 16 for that.

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