Santi Cazorla Doubting Olivier Giroud’s Worth at Arsenal?


A lot of pundits out there have been calling for Arsenal to get a true striker; an out-and-out striker that can make the No. 9 spot his home at the Emirates and be a ruthless striker like Thierry Henry was (as a striker, not a pundit). Arsenal do not have a big name, flashy striker like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Sergio Aguero, and according to Santi Cazorla, they need one.

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“It’s a tough decision and it’s down to Mr Wenger to make these decisions. My only hope is that whoever is chosen will be somebody who can pump up the level of the team. When it comes to a position or who in particular we might need somebody in Theo Walcott’s area. He’s not necessarily a true, true striker so we might need somebody in his area,” Cazorla said via the Mirror.

What about Olivier Giroud?

Giroud put in 19 goals in a shortened season, had a goal per game number of around .70 and he has become the greatest aerial threat in the toughest league in football. Is he not a true, true striker like his team mate craves?

This little quote by Santi Cazorla is a little unsettling. While trying not to blow this out of proportion, it does leave us wondering why exactly Olivier Giroud completely skipped the little Spaniard’s mind. Giroud has been the true, true striker at Arsenal since his arrival in 2012. Each year he has shown improvement and despite being 28, he has shown no signs of slowing down.

And yet, despite all of this, Santi Cazorla went on to point out how much he would welcome Edinson Cavani or Gonzalo Higuain with still no mention of Olivier Giroud: “I wish them all the best if they come to Arsenal,” Cazorla said (via IBT).

It is a little unnerving that Santi Cazorla has completely forgotten Olivier Giroud in his little speech about Arsenal’s striker situation. He has remembered Theo Walcott just long enough to say he is not enough but the big Frenchman is apparently not a striker, not good enough, or on his way out, none of which make sense if you watched any of what he did this past season.

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It is even harder to fathom because Santi Cazorla is our primary corner kick taker and Olivier Giroud is our primary threat from set pieces given his aerial dominance. Surely Cazorla would have remembered the forehead that he is aiming for each time he takes the ball into the corner.

Again, I’m trying not to blow this out of proportion but I can not help but be a little concerned that the little Spaniard went on this little rant about Arsenal’s striker situation without including Olivier Giroud. Arsene Wenger has said he is enough, Thierry Henry has bumbled his way into saying he is enough, why did Santi Cazorla neglect him?

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