Arsenal’s Laughable Pursuit of Gonzalo Higuain Gets More Laughable


Arsenal have been reportedly in on Gonzalo Higuain ever since he left Real Madrid. However, the Argentine hit man chose Napoli as his greener pasture and since being at Napoli, we have gotten a taste of just how Gonzalo Higuain is when not surrounded by world class passers and the greatest athletes in the world of football.

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Gonzalo Higuain has been just as inconsistent as Napoli. He scores in bursts and never manages to go on prolonged scoring runs. He is much like the Olivier Giroud of the past, he can average two goals a game for five games but then he does not score for another five games. On the stat books, that shows as a goal a game for ten games but it takes a bit more digging to realize that to give Gonzalo Higuain an average is a silly endeavor.

And yet, Arsenal are still rumored to be linked to Higuain despite the fact that he brings nothing to the team that Arsenal do not already have. Olivier Giroud is more consistent than him, he is a better aerial threat than him and he is much better suited to Arsenal’s style of play than him. He even stands on equal footing when it comes to shooting.

Therefore the original rumors were a bit farcical from the start, but now they’ve taken an even more farcical turn as the following statement regarding the Argentine has been released by Partenopei chief Nicolas Lombardo (as reported by the Metro):

"“Napoli are keen to make an official clarification based on some newspapers’ claims in articles about the potential transfer of Higuain,’ said Lombardo. The club stresses that the Argentine has an existing contract clause of €94,736,000 (£67m). No bids below that figure will be accepted, those who want the player will have to match that valuation.”"

Are you laughing yet? Because I am.

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Gonzalo Higuain is not worth half of that and whether he likes it or not (spoiler alert: he does not) it appears that the Argentine golden boy will be stuck playing non-Champions League football this year. Given how demoralizing that will be to him, I truly feel for Napoli and their fans because I do not see Higuain giving his all amidst the frustration that he is “being forced” to sit through.

I tried to ignore this rumor as much as possible, but given the obnoxious price tag, it begged to be noticed for its ridiculous qualities. I hope you enjoyed.

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