David Ospina Hoping Arsenal was watching Copa America


David Ospina and the Colombia National team took on Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the Copa America on 26 June and they played out a doozy. David Ospina kept the game scoreless through 90 and stoppage time and in the end, the Colombians lost in the shootout, but do not let that downplay the job that David Ospina did in goal.

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The cry has gone out around the world that Arsenal need a world class keeper and Arsene Wenger has apparently heard that cry and answered it in very bizarre, un-Arsenal like fashion. Petr Cech is set to be announced on Monday, according to multiple sources including the Telegraph, and that leaves David Ospina and Wojciech Szczesny with a bit of a decision.

As if on cue, David Ospina decided to try again to remind the world that he was indeed world class, like Arsenal “need” and like they “needed” all last year when he was playing at a world class level for Arsenal.

The Colombian stopper faced Gonzalo Higuain, Carlos Tevez, Lionel Messi and one of the best attacks in world football and he shut them down in grand fashion. The Argentine attack force put six shots on target and sixteen shots total, none of which managed to find the back of the net.

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But this is not shocking. This is the kind of performance that David Ospina has become used to. He has been as world class as he can be and it has never been good enough. Now, with Petr Cech set to join, our Colombian keeper went out and played out of his mind yet again. Will it go unnoticed? Probably, because no matter what David Ospina does, he will always be looked at as a No. 2 for some odd reason.

I think I will go ahead and state again that David Ospina had a better saves-per-goal ratio than any other goal keeper in the world other than Claudio Bravo. He averaged a clean sheet every other game and despite having a solid defense, he put in some excellent performances himself and is a huge reason why Arsenal finished as strong as they did after the Wojciech Szczesny collapse.

I still do not think that Arsenal need Petr Cech. David Ospina was a fantastic keeper and we know that Szczesny can be too. The Pole is more motivated than ever and heightening his quality of play is only going to help David Ospina. However, now the question is which of the Arsenal keepers is going to make way for Cech and essentially never play in an Arsenal shirt again. Or at least until Cech moves on.

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