Aaron Ramsey’s Desire to be like Gerrard great news for Arsenal


Aaron Ramsey has expressed frustration at his role at right wing and with Barcelona bidding on the Arsenal man for a reported 50 million pounds, Gooners around the world were sweating that our Welsh hero may seek employment elsewhere. Being a world class midfielder, he is capable now of playing just about anywhere he likes.

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With our nails bitten to bleeding, Aaron Ramsey sat down to an interview (as reported by Goal.com) and described who it was that he emulated his game after:

“I think a top-class midfielder needs to be able to tackle, get up and down the pitch, pass, create opportunities and score goals. That’s why I try to do everything, that’s what I judge my game on. If you look at someone like Steven Gerrard, he combines all of those elements. That’s what I want to emulate… so that’s what I base my game on.”

There are several wonderful bits of good news to pull out of such a simple admission, so lets start with the biggest one.

Steven Gerrard spent 17 years at Liverpool. He is a beacon of loyalty in sports at a time where loyalty is such a dying quality. Players go where they can win trophies and where they can fetch a bigger pay check. But not Steven Gerrard. His heart was at Liverpool and that is where it remained. He may be moving to the MLS, but he will always be a Liverpool man.

The fact that Aaron Ramsey seeks to emulate Steven Gerrard has to bring to light that the Welshman intends to stay at Arsenal. Say what you want about Gerrard’s game and how Ramsey is probably just emulating that, but perhaps the biggest quality of Steven Gerrard is the fact that he stayed at Liverpool for so long.

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We already knew that Aaron Ramsey loved Arsenal. After breaking his leg, he took a long time to get re-acclimated to football and many in the Arsenal “family” wanted him run out of town for being inadequate. Look at what he has become now. Arsene Wenger maintained total faith in the prodigy and it paid off massively and it will continue to for the next decade.

I believe that Aaron Ramsey should become the central, guiding figure of this team. I think he needs the responsibility of being captain and he needs his preferred role. If he hits bad form, move him, that will encourage him to win his spot back. But for how well he weathered playing right wing and how well he performed, the guy has earned that spot next to Francis Coquelin for the long haul.

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