Arsenal is One Player Short of Fielding a Title-Winning Team


Four days ago, Arsene Wenger made the decision to sign a goalkeeper known throughout the world as a Chelsea legend: the decorated Petr Cech. The signing of such a proven player is momentous and has, rightly so, been applauded worldwide by pundits and Arsenal fans alike.

Cech should be Arsenal’s first choice keeper from the start of next season and on, and if he lives up to his name, will definitely strengthen the Gunners. However, though money was very well spent on Cech, if the club and Arsene Wenger are to put Arsenal into definite title contention heading into next year, another addition to the squad is needed.

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After the underwhelming start to the 2014/15 campaign, many were calling for Arsene Wenger to leave North London and his club of nearly 19 years. Many fans and pundits blamed Arsenal’s failure to place in the top four by 2015 on Wenger’s ambition, using his debatable frugal transfer history as proof.

To an extent, those critics were probably right. It seemed as if Arsenal was in need of a stronger defense, a more consistent striker, and arguably even a goalie. However, the Gunners surged into the top four early in the second half of last season as several key players – Francis Coquelin, Mesut Ozil, and Olivier Giroud to name only a few – began performing and remained in form, leading Arsenal to eventually gain the most points in the EPL in 2015.

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The emergence of Arsenal into arguable title contention with Chelsea last campaign proved that the Gunners would have a strong chance to compete for 2016’s EPL trophy, but everyone could agree on one thing: Arsenal still needed a stronger side to do so.

That need was addressed in part, as stated above, four days ago when Wenger managed to capture the signing of Petr Cech. Though the outfield has been left unaddressed this summer so far, one of the most important positions on the field has still been strengthened significantly with the legendary Czech now to be deployed between the sticks.

The signing has placed Arsenal in the EPL title talk this summer, but it is still clear that the Gunners  need cover, especially at defensive mid, if Arsene Wenger is to give his squad the best, genuine chance to win the EPL trophy next season.

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Why defensive mid? Look at Francis Coquelin.

The Frenchman was called back from loan to Arsenal after the Gunners’ tough 2014, and it is no coincidence that once Coquelin grew into the side, Arsenal (in part) began to finally enjoy a share of success.

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It also outlines how crucial a solid defensive mid can be, and if ‘le Coq’ is to get injured at anytime next season, Arsenal will be in drastic need of a strong defensive mid if the club is to make a genuine title challenge come May 2016. That is why another signing is needed, and Arsene Wenger must show vital ambition by making at least one more to give his club the best chance to win the Premier League.

Cover for Francis Coquelin though, now arguably one of the best defensive mids in the Premier League (per’s stats), should be addressed unless Mikel Arteta still has enough fuel left in the tank. All Arsenal needs is one more player, though, and it would most likely be wise for ‘the Boss’ to address Arsenal’s defensive midfield.

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