Could Arsene Wenger Have Lied About Danny Welbeck’s Injury?

It is a nasty proposition to think that we may have been lied to. That may have been the case, however, as Danny Welbeck’s ‘bruise’ turned into ‘major surgery.’ I bruise all the time and as of yet, no major surgery has been required.

Arsene Wenger put on his best baffled face and recited some lines about how he was confused about the injury that will keep Welbeck out of an Arsenal uniform until Christmas. “It was a bone bruising at the start. You think that it will be quite quick. He is an important player for us and the fact that he is not available is a bit of a concern,” he said via the Guardian.

However, in the midst of the hate parade, some fans are questioning whether or not Arsene Wenger knew the severity of the injury all along and was just holding onto that bit of information until the transfer window passed. Why? Glad you asked. So that Wenger would not have to endure the excruciating act of buying a new striker.

It is almost mystery novel-worthy and I am in full support of hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of this. Until then, lets speculate.

Arsene Wenger loves his signings. He loves his projects even more. Danny Welbeck is a project. An out of favor striker from a direct rival, Wenger wants to see Danny Welbeck become a star. And so should all of us. He is a phenomenal athlete, he just has trouble scoring.

If Wenger had announced that Welbeck was out until Christmas in the transfer window, he would have had to buy a striker or something would have been set on fire. In comes a new striker and Danny Welbeck is forgotten. He falls into the shadows and even when he returns, there is no real place for him.

Suddenly, Danny Welbeck is seen as a failure. Despite what Jose Mourinho may tell the world, Arsene Wenger is not a specialist in failure. In fact, he dislikes it very much. Not wanting to part ways with Olivier Giroud or Theo Walcott due to their loyalty and not wanting to sell off his new acquisition so soon, Wenger suddenly finds himself in possession of four strikers. Joel Campbell is still in this hypothetical scenario as well.

What in the world is Wenger going to do with four strikers, none of which can be parted with, and Joel Campbell?

Drama ensues and before too long, somebody wants out because there just are not that many competitions.

Even for a hypothetical, this is so messy that I feel the need to wash my hands. It is understandable that Wenger would want to avoid this at the cost of bleeding his attack force dry.

That is one possible scenario.

The other possible scenario is that Arsene Wenger did not know, just found out and now has to deal with it.

The latter scenario is not nearly as juicy.