Arsene Wenger is Under too Much Pressure at Arsenal


Arsene Wenger is under too much pressure at Arsenal. The French boss was heavily criticized for not signing a single outfield player over the summer transfer window and moreover, remains the figure too many Arsenal fans love to point their fingers at when results don’t go the Gunners’ way. It seems as if many are ever-so-willing to blame the long time Arsenal manager for unfavorable circumstances in North London, but that blame is oftentimes misplaced.

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First, let’s begin with the enigma that was the 2015 summer transfer window. In June, Wenger managed to capture the signature of a Chelsea goalkeeping legend for only £10 million. Dubbed brilliant business by many pundits, the signing of Petr Cech was to and will still probably be essential for the Gunners’ long-awaited, hopeful title challenge come May 2016.

Now, fast forward two months. It sometimes seems as if Wenger’s great piece of business, his luring of Petr Cech from Chelsea, has been all but forgotten. After Wenger failed to add an outfield player, notably a striker, to his side by deadline day, the “stubborn” Frenchman has been pounded with criticism, especially from Arsenal supporters. The problem is, that critique is misplaced.

Why? Because when Manchester United signed an unproven 19 year old for £36 million, one should know that the market was quite a desolate place. Not much has to be said after that. Sure, players were probably “available” for Wenger to sign, but the prices of those players were going to be astronomical at best – especially if Wenger was chasing “world class” goal-scoring talent that many Arsenal fans have been calling on for years. Thus, le Prof was smart to save the club’s money from utter waste. Then, come January, if Arsenal need a new signing, maybe the market will be a much more forgiving place.

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Next, the Arsenal boss isn’t only under too much pressure in transfer season. Wenger is also blamed for many of Arsenal’s shortcomings on the pitch when, in reality, the players are the ones to blame.

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For instance, too often do Arsenal show up flat, toothless, and impotent – especially in attack – when even playing teams of significantly lesser quality. Take the recent matches against West Ham and Newcastle as examples.

Moreover, the Gunners lack the urgency and energy in too many matches to consistently earn three points each week. In these situations when the goals are scarce for Arsenal, many fans and pundits point their fingers in blame at Wenger first, not the players ( After all, it’s not the manager’s fault when his players are not doing their jobs on the field.

In conclusion, Arsene Wenger is a heavily criticized man. The French boss receives more blame than he deserves, and those that are quick to critique the Arsenal manager might be misplacing their accusations.

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