1,003 Reason Why Emmanuel Adebayor Will Not Be Rejoining Arsenal

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SkySports reports that Emmaneul Adebayor has been released by Tottenham Hostpur. Many will be scratching their heads, swearing that he had been released already, but he had just been reclining on the bench. Adebayor has made no appearances this year and only 10 total appearances last year.

Maricio Pochettino made it quite clear that Adebayor was not part of his plans and gave him the summer to find a new club. Moves to Aston Villa and West Ham broke down for one reason or another and now Adebayor finds himself without a home.

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However, now that Emmanuel Adebayor has been released he will not be able to play for another English team until the New Year without FIFA intervention. Take that as reason number 1 why he will not be joining Arsenal.

Reason number 2 through 1,000 is the fact that he, like so many other Arsenal players, jumped ship on the team to follow the money. He joined Manchester City in 2009 despite having developed a premium striking partnership with Robin van Persie. That was enough to sour fans to him, even to this day. He is booed at the Emirates whenever he wanders onto that immaculate pitch.

Reason 1,001, in case you needed it, is Arsene Wenger’s insistence that Arsenal’s striking corps is in good shape. Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott both scored against Stoke City and they may start to lend some credence to his claim. However, the fact remains that both scoffed more opportunities than they converted. Not only that, but the two are the only two at Arsenal until Danny Welbeck returns.

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Reason 1,002 is the fact that, again, barring any FIFA intervention, Adebayor will not be allowed to join another English team until the New Year. Arsenal is an English team. By the New Year, Danny Welbeck will be back with Arsenal and if he is not, Wenger will have another shot at a new striker.

And finally, reason number 1,003. Arsene Wenger has a track record of not bringing back guys that skipped out on the club. Mathieu Flamini may be an exception, but both Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie could have returned to Arsenal and he denied them.

Fabregas, who claims that Arsenal will always be in his heart, now suits up for Chelsea, obviously. Robin van Persie too, has expressed his post-exodus love for Arsenal but went to Turkish side Fenerbahce. Call it pride or call it whatever you want, but Arsene Wenger does not like re-signing guys that have ditched out on the club. Personally, that is fine with me. That is not the type of character that Arsenal is built around.

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