Arsene Wenger’s Petulance is an Embarrassment and Highlights His Rampant Ego

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Arsene Wenger’s recent press conference saw him threaten to walk out due to his unhappiness with the questions that he was being asked. He went on to attack the assembled journalists for being “boring”.

He was reacting badly to further questioning over his decision to replace Petr Cech in goal with Ospina for our important Champions League game against Olympiakos. Wenger stated that he felt he had two world class players in Ospina and Cech. Therefore he doesn’t see an issue in picking one over the other.

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Whether or not Arsene Wenger actually believes this or not is one thinh. However, all the evidence points to the fact that Ospina is certainly not world class. Ospina was bought in the 2014 summer transfer window. He was brought in to be the back up and provide competition to our, at the time, number one choice in Wojciech Szczęsny. It was clear that Ospina was brought in as a back up choice. Especially seeing as how he did not make his first Premier League start until 11th January 2015 against Stoke. That was only following a calamitous display by Szczęsny.

If Ospina really was world class then why was he originally purchased as a back up ‘keeper? If he really was world class then why spend a reported £11 million on a genuinely world class ‘keeper in Petr Cech?

Obviously Arsene Wenger would not proclaim that Ospina is of lesser quality than Cech. Despite even the man himself most likely realising this is the truth. But in that case why say anything at all? Why resort to making ridiculous claims? Instead of acting childish and claiming he has two world class goalkeepers, and this is the reason why Ospina was chosen instead of Cech, why not just relay the truth?

The simple answer is that Arsene Wenger does not like to be questioned. He does not like to have his authority challenged. Within the club he has solidified his absolute authority to the point that a North Korean dicatator would be proud of. When challenged by the media he will often lash out and then refuse to speak to that reporter again, much like a petulant child. Just ask the wonderful Jacqui Oately who dared to question Arsene.

Arsene Wenger was also questioned, by Sky Sports reporter Andy Burton, about his accountability. Burton picked up on the comments Wenger made after the Olympiakos game that he isn’t accountable for his team selections, when he stated “I do not have to sit here and give you any explanation about every decision I make”.

Wenger was asked if he thought he should be held accountable and whether he thought it was healthy that he wasn’t. He simply replied that he was “accountable on the results of [his] team and the way they play football.” If this is the case then there hasn’t been much evidence of Wenger being held to account for his teams continued lack of a proper title challenge of the years. Or for their continuously poor performances in Europe.

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Where was the accountability when in one season (2013-2014) we saw the following results in the Premier League; losing 6-3 away to Manchester City; losing 5-1 away to Liverpool; losing 6-0 away to Chelsea; losing 3-0 away to Everton. Are these results really acceptable? Why was Arsene Wenger never held accountable for these results?

The truth is that he wasn’t held accountable for these results. Just as he hasn’t ever been held accountable for countless other examples of games where we have been totally and completely outplayed. At the end of the 2013-2014 season, despite these four abysmal results in the league alone, Arsene Wenger was granted a new three year contract because he managed to luck out and win the FA Cup final. All in spite of having seen his team be 2-0 down at one point.

The man is a law unto himself. He has never been held accountable. He has put himself in a position of supreme power within the club. He has built up a powerbase over the years to the point where he is seemingly untouchable within the club. Yet he, rather hypocritically, despises whenever he is dared questioned over his methods and continuous failures.

Arsene Wenger seems entirely unable to handle the pressure of when his team is failing. When everything is going his way he is jovial and friendly in his press conferences. When his team is struggling and his methods are being challenged and questioned, Arsene Wenger turns into a petulant child, throwing his toys out of the pram.

His ego and arrogance mean that he is wholly unable to accept anyone challenging his methods. He has, unfortunately, positioned himself to being the face and living embodiment of Arsenal Football Club, and therefore should carry himself in a manner befitting of such a glorious establishment.

When Arsene Wenger behaves like a petulant child simply because his methods are being challenged, he embarrasses not only himself but also Arsenal Football Club and the millions of loyal supporters that call this club their own.

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