Arsenal’s Top 10 Home Kits of All Time

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With Arsenal the 2015/16 season underway and the new kits on display, we here at Pain in the Arsenal thought we would take everyone on a time machine back to some of the most memorable Arsenal home kits that our gentlemen of North London have ever donned.

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The Gunners have quite the history. They were founded as Dial Square in 1886 in Woolwich by workers of the Royal Arsenal. They soon renamed themselves Royal Arsenal and then Woolwich Arsenal. The club would be fully introduced into the football league in 1893 in the second division. It took them eleven years to earn promotion in 1904. The first real success for Arsenal came under Herbert Chapman when he took over in 1924.

As far as Arsenal’s colors, they have just as much history as the team itself. The red originated from Nottingham Forest’s red when two former Forest players moved to Woolwish to find work. They brought the red with them and the rest is history.

The white sleeves that we’ve become so familiar with didn’t originate until Chapman wanted more distinct colors in 1933. This combination of bright red and white sleeves has been used in every Arsenal jersey with little exception.

But it’s not just the colors that make a kit memorable. Most of what makes the kits on the list noteworthy are what Arsenal did with the kit. Winning a trophy or two while wearing a certain shirt will endear you to those colors far more than any clever design ever will.

And so, without further ado, let’s get started with the top Arsenal home kits of all time.

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