Arsenal vs West Brom: Best Goals Ever


Arsenal travel West Brom on Saturday in the Premier League. Before that though, we’ll take a look back at some of the best Arsenal goals from recent memory.

Arsenal travel to the Hawthorns tomorrow for their Premier League clash against West Brom.  Ahead of this fixture we’ll take a look back at some of the best Arsenal goals from recent memory.

3. Number three on the list is actually a brace instead of a singular goal.  A few years ago when Tomas Rosicky was still healthy/ actually part of our squad he put on a real performance, winning the match for Arsenal against West Brom. It made me miss the little Mozart so here it is.

2.  Number two is another that makes my list because of the circumstances not necasarilly the skill.  It is Laurent Koscielny’s goal on the final day of the year in 2012 which secured another campaign of Champion’s League football.  Not only that but this was arguably the zenith of our noisy neighbors thinking they could actually finish above us and I can tell you from seeing some Sp*rs fans in person that day, they did not take it well.

What else could make number one than the EPL goal of the season for last year?  Which the voting for was absolutely not hijacked by zealous Arsenal fans.  Here’s to a return soon, Jack.

With Arsenal fully rested and ready to go, will we see more goals that will be making this list in the future?