If Every Arsenal Player Was A Thanksgiving Dinner Item

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Arsenal have a fine collection of talented individuals. You might even say that they have a feast of talent. Since it is Thanksgiving, let’s liken every Arsenal man to a Thanksgiving Dinner item.

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It’s Thanksgiving Day, and that means that the only logical thing to do is fantasize about food, Arsenal and what food every Arsenal player would be if every Arsenal player was served on a plate for Thanksgiving in some disgusting, cannibalistic parallel universe.

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Arsenal finally gave us something to be thankful for. They won. After a disheartening draw in the North London Derby followed by an international break that was supposed to heal up Arsenal, they returned to drop a sickening three points at the Hawthorns. That’s right, Tony Pulis and the Baggies stuck it to Arsenal and sent the Gunners back to the Emirates sulking and even more injured than before.

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Francis Coquelin is hurt. The one man that Arsenal could not do without is the one man they are going to have to learn to do without. It’s not pleasant. It’s not fun. But it is reality.

But anyway, enough of that drabble, let’s get to what Arsenal have to be thankful for. As mentioned, they won. In a do-or-die matchup against Dinamo Zagreb, with Arsenal needing a win and a win by Bayern Munich against Greek Champions Olympiakos, fate was on Arsenal’s side. Not only did a depleted Gunners put a beating on the Croatians, but Bayern Munich did their part as well. Now Arsenal is in control of their own fate. A win of 2-0 or any win by a goal or more with Arsenal scoring in excess of three goals will see their improbable Champions League run continue on past the group stages.

So that is what we have to be thankful for. Now, let’s start talking about which Arsenal man would be which Thanksgiving dish. Just because we can and because we are being thankful and stuff.

We begin with the main courses of Thanksgiving dinner.

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