If Every Arsenal Player Was A Pokemon

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Arsenal is a proud club. They boast one of the most formidable histories of any club in the history of the game. From never being relegated to the Invincible season, the Gunners are a special breed.

Every year Arsene Wenger has to navigate through a gauntlet of obstacles at Arsenal. His story is one of hardship, perseverance and achieving the impossible. His story is similar to that of Ash Ketchum.

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Tasked with catching every single Pokemon in the world and evolving them to greatness, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are quite similar to Ash Ketchum already. Wenger has a collection of youngsters that he hopes to evolve into the next Thierry Henry, the next Patrick Vieira or the next Dennis Bergkamp. He needs his Mewtwo, his Blastoise and his Charizard.

I’m not sure where it came from, but we here at Pain in the Arsenal began a think tank to associate every Arsenal player with the Pokemon that most resembles their characteristics. It may seem pointless and foolish, but everyone loved Pokemon at some point in life and whether they know it or not, everyone loves Arsenal as well. Bringing the two together was inevitable. It was a match made from common sense.

Over the next few slides, we will reveal which players on the team still need to evolve, which players have reached their final stage and which players require an impossible task to ever hit their maximum stage (who trades Pokemon across game links anyway?).

By the end of this epic extravaganza, you will wish that substitutions were introduced by Arsene Wenger saying in his deep, French accent “Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, I choose you!”

Now put on you pokeball belt, grab some potions, and take a gander at the mass of Pokemon that Pokemaster Arsene Wenger has collected at Arsenal at this stage in his journey to catch’em all.

(All bios provided by Bulbopedia)

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