If Every Arsenal Player Was A Pokemon

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David Ospina – Tentacruel

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Ospina is a very good shot stopper. That has always been his forte. He has compensated for his size with his ability to turn away the opposition. One would perhaps say that it was like he had 80 tentacles at his disposal to turn away shots. However, those tentacles are not nearly as strong as Petr Cech’s 4 girthy arms.

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The main complaint about Ospina has been his communication problems. I, for one, have never spoken to a jellyfish. But I would imagine it is pretty difficult.

Yet, for a No. 2 keeper, he is a solid choice. He may have had a rare error against Olympiakos but like I said, he only has tentacles. You cannot exactly buff up your tentacles. At least not to my knowledge.

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