Arsenal vs Sunderland : Best Goals

Ronnie MacDonald - Flickr Media Commons
Ronnie MacDonald - Flickr Media Commons /

Ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Sunderland at the Emirates we take a look back at a few of the best goals to come from the matchup.

Saturday sees relegation contenders Sunderland travel to North London to face an Arsenal side that is also desperate to pick up some points.  November continues to be impossible for Arsenal after picking up only two points in their last three matches.  On paper Sunderland would seem a good opportunity to right the ship (So did West Brom and Norwich).  Ahead of this matchup we take a look back at a few of the best goals. May they awe and inspire you going into what will hopefully be an inspiring match ahead of us.

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3. As much as I don’t like putting the skunk in any of these lists, his talent while with Arsenal was undeniable.  This free kick scored by Robin Van Persie in 07-08 is one of the best I have ever seen.

2. Number two makes the list because it was the first match for Mesut Ozil, who has been having one hell of a year.  While he was only the provider of the goal it was still executed deftly. His signing was an important turning point for the club.

1.Had my number one goal not happened in the same year as that Jack Wilshere goal it would have won our goal of the season.  It is a sterling example of what Arsenal means as a football philosophy.  The team play, buildup, and one touch passing make me want to weep for joy.  Behold:

Let’s hope we see a few more of these later today. Arsenal is desperate for points and relegation-bait like Sunderland should not pose much of a threat. But as mentioned earlier, neither should have West Brom and Norwich, yet here we are, one point from those two matches combined.