5 Reasons Mesut Ozil Needs Aaron Ramsey In Arsenal’s Central Midfield

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Arsenal saw Mesut Ozil continue his passing ways against Sunderland, but it was Aaron Ramsey’s re-emergence that should have the German thrilled. Here’s five reason why.

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Arsenal pulled off a rather ugly win against Sunderland. But we have seen Arsenal fall to far too many pretty looking losses in the past. We deserve an ugly win or two. After all, as Jose Mourinho has made perfectly clear, it is the result that matters. Results were had at home and it was long overdue.

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Amidst the ugliness, a few Gunners found the time to look really, really good. One of them should be obvious. Mesut Ozil. The German maestro is beginning to make us wonder if he will ever slump again. Despite having a few rough patches and being bullied off the ball occasionally, Mesut Ozil was yet again the focal point of Arsenal’s attack. He erased any mishaps with brilliance almost instantaneously.

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But right behind Mesut Ozil was the Welsh wizard, returning to his central midfield role. Aaron Ramsey took more touches, more passes and more shots than any one else on the pitch. He completed 92% of his passes, widdled through four key passes, added an assist and a goal and could have scored more. For his first game back in the role that he continues to lobby for, it’s hard to ague that he was not right all along. Santi Cazorla may have been part of the winning formula but just because the formula works does not mean it cannot be improved upon.

Rest assured, I am not basing this heaping pile of praise on Ramsey on just this one performance. I am basing it on his past in the central midfield role.

Yet, with just one performance back at his favored role, Aaron Ramsey has reminded the world why Mesut Ozil needs him right where he was against Sunderland. And the reason is a multi-part reason. In fact, there are five sub-reasons why Ozil should be Ramsey’s number one fan when it comes to him retaining his central midfield role.

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