Arsenal All Time Starting Eleven

By Ronnie Macdonald (Flickr: Arsenal Stadium - Thierry Henry Statue 4) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Ronnie Macdonald (Flickr: Arsenal Stadium - Thierry Henry Statue 4) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons /
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Arsenal have had their fair share of legends pass through their gate. Here we have compiled the all-time starting XI to have graced the pitch for the club.

arsenal, thierry henry
arsenal, thierry henry /

Arsenal Football Club has been blessed with an aray of talent over the years. Superstar strikers, magical midfielders, and determinded defenders. Under the careful eye of Arsene Wenger, numerous players have hit their peak during their time with the Gunners.

While there is ground to stand on, albeit minimal, in saying that trophy-wise Arsenal have not succeeded in recent years, brilliant players have still come through the side and blessed the Emirates. Don’t for a second forget however, the wizardry that took place at Highbury with the greatest premier league side of all time.

None of this information is new, but I have been tasked with assembling the best Arsenal starting XI of all time; something that while difficult of course, is a massive treat. The criteria for this is three fold: Success on a team and individual level, impact at the club from a cultural level, and straight up talent, or tekkers if you will, which I’m sure you will.

What I will say is that there will undoubtedly be players that are left off that did a spectacular job for the club, that is what happens when you have a team of Invincibles, and multiple other cup and league winning sides.

Finally, my team will line up in the classic Arsenal 4-4-2, they will of course keep possession, counter attack with dynamite pace and with a clinical finishing nature that is unstoppable. This all time starting XI could take on any team in the history of football for sure. Starting with the keeper…

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