5 Fiercest Moments Between Arsene Wenger And Jose Mourinho

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After a decade-long rivalry, the Arsene Wenger/Jose Mourinho has been put on hold with the firing of the Chelsea manager. Let’s reminisce with the five fiercest moments between the two.

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Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho share one of the most heated, most entertaining, and most verbal and physical coaching rivalries in sports. They have called each other stupid, failures, voyeurs and more. They have shoved each other, given the classic misdirection to avoid a handshake and just have no kind things to say to one another.

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That rivalry took another twist when Chelsea sacked Jose Mourinho. Suddenly, the rivalry looks to be put on hold. It is a rather disheartening realization and the hope is that Jose Mourinho can get another job soon, preferably one where he can continue to let Arsene Wenger chomp away at his cerebral cortex. 

In memoriam, I thought it would be a fun journey to go back and revisit some of the most heated exchanges between the two. Needless to say they have plenty. We picked out the ones that were the most juvenile, the most hateful and the most memorable. Because that is what makes a rivalry great.

The two had a nice little spat about Wenger’s use of English players, but that was not all that juvenile or heated. It was just a quick little debate. We will also not talk about Cesc Fabregas and what he was/is/will become. That’s boring. What we are looking for are the below-the-belt hits that typified this rivalry. Remember, these two managers do not like each other. The tug of war has gone back and forth for over a decade. Neither one can get on top and stay on top.

So with that in mind, let’s start reminiscing with some of the fiercest, dirtiest moments between two grown men who severely dislike each other. We will start with one of the most recent fiery spats.

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