Arsenal: 5 Keys To Beating Manchester City

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4. Sick Flamini On De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is another of City’s players that can be hot and cold. He has had some massive struggles but he has also been City’s primary offensive tool. With Sergio Aguero returning, one risk is that the defensive focus will be on him. That would give De Bruyne extra space with which he can rip Arsenal asunder.

The solution to this is simple. Sick Mathieu Flamini on Kevin De Bruyne. Just pester him. De Bruyne still lacks a bit of veteran composure. He is young and is susceptible to mistakes. Having that one guy hounding him the entire game could be just what Arsenal need to disrupt any flow he may hope to achieve.

Who better for the job than Flamini? If he can save the world by discovering an alternative source of oil, surely he can pester De Bruyne enough to lessen his effectiveness. We have seen the effort Flamini puts into things. Give him a mission and watch the magic unfold.

Moving on, we start getting into what Arsenal needs to do on the offensive side of the ball. Let’s start with Aaron Ramsey.

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