Arsenal vs Manchester City Predicted Starters

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Arsenal have the daunting task of downing Manchester City, who sit just one point behind. Here is how the Gunner will deploy in order to accomplish this task.

It’s a big week in the Premier League. There is the potential for a lot of movement. Between Saturday and Sunday, Arsenal and Manchester City will sit idly by watching as their task unveils itself in front of them.

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League leaders Leicester City will go into Goodison Park looking to leave with three points but Everton is no slouch. They have a very similar approach as Leicester – score a lot of goals and defend if we have time. That kind of approach worked when Arsenal went into the Foxes’ den and delivered their only loss on the year. It could work for Everton too.

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Manchester United will face a gritty Norwich team that can deliver further misery on van Gaal’s saddened troops. Meanwhile, Tottenham will look to make some headway but they will have to deal with a pesky Southampton in order to do so.

And then comes Monday. Manchester City will be welcoming back their poster-child, Sergio Aguero, which will give Arsene Wenger a bit of indigestion going into the match. I am of the opinion that changes must be made but it is unlikely that Wenger sees it the same way.

On the bright side, Vincent Kompany will still be out, giving Arsenal plenty of hope on the offensive side of the ball.

In terms of Arsenal injuries, Alexis Sanchez may return. The added weekend before match day could prove crucial to the Chilean’s hopes of getting back onto the pitch. However, Wenger has stated that it is unlikely.

With all of these things in mind, let’s get to who Arsene Wenger will be sending out on the pitch to bring home the three points at the Emirates. We will start where we always do, with Petr Cech.

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