Arsenal vs Manchester City Predicted Starters

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Hector Bellerin and Nacho Monreal

These two may or may not have their hands full. It’s hard to tell. It depends on which versions of Jesus Navas and Raheem Sterling show up.

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I am the least worried about Raheem Sterling. His major calling card is his speed, but Hector Bellerin can keep pace with him, if not outrun him. Sterling has been incredibly hit or miss on the year, with the gross majority being misses. He dallies in the box and hesitates in front of the net. Bellerin does not dally. he will take the ball before Sterling can make up his mind.

On the other side, Jesus Navas is hit or miss as well. Nacho Monreal may not have the speed of Bellerin, but neither does Navas have the speed of Sterling. Navas has not had to face a fullback of Monreal’s quality yet this year so hopefully that means that he will be flustered into obscurity.

Whatever the case, Arsenal can invest confidence in their fullbacks. Even with Hector Bellerin’s rough patch following his return from injury.

Moving on, we get to that inseparable centerback pairing.

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