Arsenal vs Manchester City Predicted Starters

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Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny

Remember that time that I was absolutely irate that Per Mertesacker was going to get the start against Olympiakos? Multiply that by ten here. With the news that Sergio Aguero was back from the dead, my initial thought was that Gabriel Paulista had to start. He absolutely had to. City has such a quick, fiery attack when Aguero is healthy that Mertesacker could turn into a liability. Couple that with the added threat of Kevin De Bruyne. Then add in the physicality of Toure and Fernandinho and Mertesacker is looking at a rough day at the office.

But he will still be in the office, ready to go. Arsene Wenger has so much faith in his German captain. I almost feel bad that I can’t reciprocate that faith. This just is not a game that suits Mertesacker. Then again, neither was Olympiakos and the Greeks went goalless.

Laurent Koscielny will always be there to pick up the pieces. I don’t know if I sing his praises enough, but the added level of security that he brings to this Arsenal side is invaluable. He truly is a safety net in every sense of the word.

Moving on, that midfield.

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