Arsenal vs Manchester City Predicted Starters

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Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Alexis’s health is a big deal. Normally, if there is any chance to play, he will play. But this is a hamstring problem. Ask Aaron Ramsey, those can be delicate. You really don’t want to risk worsening the hamstring of Alexis Sanchez. As such, I don’t see him getting the start.

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Joel Campbell had his first bad game against Aston Villa and given the short leash he was already on, I see Arsene Wenger giving him a sit in light of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. I hate to say that Arsenal needs to pull out a trick or two to top City, but it feels that way. The Ox can be that trick. He has had a tough time breaking into the starting XI since his beauty against Chelsea but if anyone can rise to the occasion, it is him.

Theo Walcott is going to play a huge role for Arsenal too. Kolarov is a very good defender. He has been one of the best this year. However, he likes to get forward and if Walcott can exploit that, he could find some excellent opportunities on the counter attack.

Finally, we get to our prized stallions of this Arsenal strike force.

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