Grzegorz Krychowiak Leaving Enough Gray Area For Arsenal To Pounce

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Grzegorz Krychowiak has been putting Arsenal off the chase for the last few transfer windows, but he may have just left enough gray area for Arsenal to pounce.

There are few defensive midfielders out there who fit the job description better than Grzegorz Krychowiak. The Polish bruiser is a big man and he uses that strength to marshal total dominance in the middle of the pitch.

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Krychowiak’s specialty lies in anticipating the attack and shutting down pass lanes. He averages an insane five interceptions per 90 and tosses in a cool three tackles per 90 as well (via WhoScored). Needless to say, the man is a menace and he is quickly becoming one of the best defensive midfielders in the world of football.

But with that rise to prominence comes the realization that Sevilla may not be the best place to reach as high as he can go. Even Krychowiak has admitted that. The Pole said, via IBT

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“How many clubs are better (than Sevilla) in Europe? Fifteen? Perhaps up to twenty. If I reach a point where I find that I can’t take a step forward here then I will want to change to a new club as I did when I left Reims. It’s important to me.”

Despite all of the “Sevilla for life” mumbo-jumbo that Krychowiak was preaching, the fact remains that he is in the game to make himself the best that he can be. Ask anyone out there, the Premier League is the best all around league and the highest level of competition. By that regard, it only makes sense that Krychowiak ends up in England. To maximize his growth, it would make sense to make that leap as soon as possible. After all, why take it slow?

Krychowiak has used silly things like ‘weather’ and a lack of ‘that dream’ to try to turn the media away from a potential move to the Premier League, mainly Arsenal, but things like that are to be expected. He is too prideful to pull a Moussa Sissoko and beg for Arsenal to come and get him.

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The Polish midfielder recently inked a new contract to up his release clause to a whopping £32.8m. Yet, IBT astutely points out that Sevilla has done this before and still cashed in on big money deals for Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo, Ivan Rakitic, Alberto Moreno, Carlo Bacca and Aleix Vidal.

With that in mind, this may actually be considered a boost for Arsenal. There are no better defensive midfielders that fit the Gunners’ needs quite like Krychowiak. Aside from being a monster in the middle, he also exudes solid offensive abilities. He maintains a 90% pass completion and he wins 3.4 aerials per 90 as well. Given his size and athletic ability, Krychowiak can also play anywhere across the back line, including right back. Therefore signing him would serve two purposes – giving Arsenal another defensive midfielder and giving Arsenal cover if Mathieu Debuchy ends up deciding to move on.

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Arsenal would have to fork out massive money to land Krychowiak, but they have shown the ability to do just that in the past two seasons. Krychowiak is not obsessed with Sevilla, he just wants to go where he can better himself. The only reason he speaks so highly of Sevilla is because that is where he currently plies his trade. Put him in Arsenal’s midfield and he will say the same kinds of things.