Arsenal’s 10 Worst Signings Ever Under Arsene Wenger

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8. Nicklas Bendtner

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Lord Bendtner may be one of the few players to establish a cult following at his club for how ineffective he was at that club. That is a feat in and of itself.

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Bendtner was a Wenger youth signing gone wrong. He may not have cost a lot of money, but the hype was immense and the product was nonexistent. The hulking Dane scored 24 goals in 108 appearances for the Gunners in a vast nine year career with the club.

That right there is what made him such a flop. Nine years with a club before finally moving on. Of course, the situation itself was a bit sticky, as Bendtner was essentially frozen out, but still – nine years. He made only 27 appearances across his last three years as it became increasingly obvious that this was not a match that was meant to happen.

As a happy ending, Bendtner was given a reception to please royalty when he returned to the Emirates with his new side, Wolfsburg.

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