Arsenal’s 10 Worst Signings Ever Under Arsene Wenger

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7. Mikael Silvestre

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With the building of the new Emirates Stadium, Arsenal entered an era where money was rather elusive. As such, signings had to be thrifty, wise and to be honest, a stretch at times.

Mikael Silvestre was a stretch. He had been present for many of Manchester United’s honors in the late 90s and at the age of 31, in 2008, he brought his talents to North London.

The problem was that most of his talents had gone, found a wife, settled down and had kids, leaving Mikael Silvestre absolutely hapless in defense. United had parted ways with him for a reason and it was Arsenal who played the dog going after the table scraps.

To make matters even worse, Sylvestre decided to weigh in on Arsenal’s signing of Alexis Sanchez. Brace yourself for this quote: “I do not think he is the type of player the club need right now. Arsenal have already got that type of player – quick, sharp, fast – they have enough of them already in Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla.”

Of the four players Silvestre listed, not a single one is like Alexis. But lets move on.

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