Arsenal vs Southampton Player Ratings


Arsenal were downright embarrassed against Southampton, but we have to do the player ratings regardless. Who was your man of the match?

Arsenal played absolutely abysmally. The worst game in quite some time by the Gunners. There were no positives to take from it and it only got worse. So let’s get talking about who was the worst of the worst with our player ratings.

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5.9. Going to be hard to get a clean sheet playing like that. Made some bad decisions, was taken advantage of and just looked very unlike Petr Cech from the start. Did make a few saves. Not many though.. GK. Arsenal FC. PETR CECH

Arsenal FC. HECTOR BELLERIN. 6.0. Seems like he disappeared in the second half, which is actually a good thing. Everyone else was making the mistakes while Hector Bellerin hung out on the side of the pitch that was getting very little action.. RB

4.9. What a day. Per Mertesacker was terrible. He let Shane Long absolutely boss him. Wherever Mertesacker was, Long was outsmarting him, outmuscling him and making Per look like a fool. How exactly Per Mertesacker can shut down Kevin De Bruyne but get embarrassed by Shane Long is beyond me. On set-pieces, no matter which way they were going, Mertesacker was observing.. CB. Arsenal FC. PER MERTESACKER

Arsenal FC. LAURENT KOSCIELNY. 4.5. What did we just see? Laurent Koscielny was abysmal. Nothing went his way. He was giving the ball away left and right. He was unable to cope with a usually tame Southampton attack. There are few words that can truly put a stamp on how bad he was today. Putrid. Let’s go with putrid.. CB

Arsenal FC. NACHO MONREAL. 6.3. Not the worst guy out there. He was one of Arsenal’s best offensive threats. However, on defense he fit in with the crowd. Kind of like Bellerin though, Southampton was piercing the middle of the defense, they didn’t need to expose the fullbacks.. LB

6.5. Started the game well. He was incredibly smart on numerous occasions and kept Arsenal’s defense from being over-exposed even more. However, in the second half, he, like the rest of the side, was unable to do anything. His lack of physicality became a major problem.. MID. Arsenal FC. MATHIEU FLAMINI

6.7. I was torn on what to give Ramsey. The effort was there. He was trying incredibly hard to make things happen, which is more than a lot of Arsenal’s guys can say. But for each bit of creativity and diligence we saw, he matched it with a giveaway or something similar.. MID. Arsenal FC. AARON RAMSEY

6.2. Got in on goal and dribbled pretty well. Was unable to finish though. Took him twenty minutes to even be mentioned by the announcers. Came off at some point and nobody noticed.. MID. Arsenal FC. THEO WALCOTT

Thoroughly negated by Southampton. He looked flustered on the ball. He did create a few chances early on but once the game swung in the Saints’ favor, he was unable to conjure up anything. Disappointing day from the maestro.. MID. Arsenal FC. MESUT OZIL. 6.4

6.1. Hardly a memorable performance. The effort was there but nothing came off. Just like everyone else. Arsenal had a theme today of passing to no one and Campbell fell in line.. MID. Arsenal FC. JOEL CAMPBELL

6.8. Had a golden chance to go up 1-0 early on but he skied the header. From that point on, nothing else happened. Giroud rarely saw the ball. That’s why his score remained so high. It can’t go down if your team can’t get you the ball.. ST. Arsenal FC. OLIVIER GIROUD

6.1. Sat by and watched Jose Fonte bust through on goal and score. He was actually backing the opposite way. Even if it was zone marking, shame on the Ox for not defending.. MID. Arsenal FC. ALEX OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN

7.0. MAN OF THE MATCH. Why? Because he spent the least amount of time on the pitch.. RB. Arsenal FC. CALUM CHAMBERS

ALEX IWOBI. 6.8. Ran pretty fast and kicked a ball to no one.. LB. Arsenal FC