Arsenal vs Bournemouth Full Match Highlights And Videos


Arsenal faced Bournemouth with a chance to go top of the table and wait for Leicester to play Manchester City. These results went much more according to plan.

With an opportunity missed, Arsenal had a quick turnaround to face Bournemouth. This time, they took care of business in very controlled and confident fashion. Here is a full match recap with goal videos at the end.

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  • 0′ – Here we go. A few squad rotations, but this squad should be ample.
  • 4′ – Chambers gives the ball away precariously and King tries a finesse shot on net but it was weak.
  • 10′ – Arsenal’s defense is looking shaky but they are looking more threatening in attack than against Southampton.
  • 13′ – Daniels serves the ball in incredibly dangerously but Arsenal snuff it out.
  • 14′ – Water fires maliciously but Gabriel Paulista is there to block it away.
  • 22′ – Very uneventful game. Neither team looks like they particularly want to win.
  • 25′ – Ball in from Gibbs narrowly misses Giroud and Walcott in the box.
  • 26′ – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain makes an impressive run but his cross is blocked out for a corner.
  • 27′ – GOAL. Gabriel Paulista scores his first goal for Arsenal on a corner from Ozil. Perfect header. 1-0.
  • 34′ – Another beautifully worked corner finds Gabriel’s head but it hits the post. Per looks like he was shot with the soccer ball and can’t put it in.
  • 35′ – Ozil passes a beautiful ball to Walcott, who fires it off Boruc.
  • 42′ – Another floater from Ozil. The ball bounces around painfully in the box but Arsenal can’t put that final touch on it.
  • 45’+1′ – Ozil floats in another that finds Giroud but he can’t kep his feet.

HALF-TIME. Arsenal asking all the questions. They look remarkably re-inspired.

  • 45′ – We are back, and Arsenal is still winning.
  • 48′ – King had a breakaway but he can’t find anyone with his cross as Gabriel gets back to defend.
  • 52′ – Nice attacking play between Chambers and the Ox but nothing comes of it.
  • 61′ – Again, just not a lot happening. It’s like they just played a high-intensity game two days ago or something with similar physical taxings.
  • 62′ – GOAL. Beautiful team effort. Absolutely sublime. Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil looked like they have been playing together since they were in the womb together. Is that weird? 2-0.
  • 66′ – Walcott pulls the trigger on a shot but it skids wide of the far post. Ramsey assumes his regular stance with his arms up. To his credit, he was wide open.
  • 68′ – Another splendid pass from Ozil finds Ramsey, who makes another splendid pass to find Giroud but he can’t muster it.
  • 71′ – Giroud fires from distance but Boruc catches it. It squeaks away from Boruc bu Walcott was offside on his missed rebound.
  • 72′ – Ritchie finds tons of space and fires from far off but Cech was waiting.
  • 76′ – Bournemouth has had the ball for the last five minutes but they can’t go anywhere. Arsenal’s defense is holding tight.
  • 79′ – Ozil finds Giroud beautifully but the Frenchman again can’t find good contact. He is clearly gassed and on cue, here comes Joel Campbell for the Frenchie.
  • 83′ – Fast break for Arsenal and it ends up being put off the post by the Ox.
  • 90’+1′ – Ozil bends a beauty in to Walcott but he can’t control it.

The proceedings were rather drab for nearly the entire first half hour. However, Arsenal’s first real chance turned into a goal as who else bu Mesut Ozil swung a corner in right off Gabriel’s noggin. It was the Brazilian’s first goal for his new club and what a goal at that. Have a look:

It was exactly what Arsenal needed to help them regain that self belief. The rest of the first half was filled with missed chances for Arsenal. The bright side is that Bournemouth looked petrified and haven’t been able to mount a threat. The second half started the exact same way the first half ended. Arsenal was controlling proceedings but the chances kept falling by the wayside. That is, until Arsenal put together another beautiful team goal between Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil. The flick-on by Giroud is the key piece of the attack. It gave me chills. Enjoy:

Marvelous. The chances continued coming hard and fast for Arsenal as they had clearly put Southampton behind them.

This one went much more according to plan. Bournemouth was unable to contend with Arsenal’s attack and the Gunners now have to sit and wait for Leicester City.