Arsenal: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Is The Everything Solution

Arsenal have one massive, gaping, painfully apparent problem, but Wenger will not address it. It can be solved this summer for free, no questions asked.

It is said that Arsene Wenger is not in the market for short-term solutions or for big time strikers. But given the unrest at the Emirates and all around Arsenal nation, Le Prof may have to make an exceptions. Luckily for him, the solution is so painfully easy. It sits at the feet of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Swedish Behemoth is a free agent this summer and has been making headlines about where his next move will be, with some saying MLS and others saying the EPL. Recently, the Telegraph has even reported that Zlatan would prefer life in London if he moves to England.

When evaluating most transfers, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. But not here. This solution is as simple as looking at two stats. The first stat is Arsenal’s inability to finish. In three recent affairs, Arsenal’s finishing ability lived up to the criticism that surrounds it. Between Barcelona, Watford and Swansea, Arsenal have fired 57 shots compared to allowing 35 against.

However, in terms of hitting shots on net, Arsenal has only managed to put 11 on target. That is a shot accuracy of 19%. In summary, that is horrible. Unless you’re taking 50 shots a game, goals are going to be rather infrequent. All of this is a product of not having someone that can consistently put shots on the opposing goal. Wenger has been reluctant to go beyond his enigmatic trio of Giroud-Walcott-Welbeck, but it is clear that the three are simply not consistent enough to help Arsenal lift major silverware.

Then there is the second stat in the equation. Enter Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In a solution to Arsenal’s problems, Zlatan has a shot accuracy this season of 60%. That’s three times the accuracy of what Arsenal has amassed in their recent bout of failures. No further stats are necessary. No ages, no wages, no job openings, nothing. Ibrahimovic puts shots on target and he puts shots in the net. That is the only thing Arsenal need.

Look at what Arsenal was able to do against Barcelona. It is clear that they have a lot of strong building blocks. Between Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal have creative minds. With Cech, they have that veteran keeper that won’t make mistakes. They have fantastic fullbacks. Their midfield could use some depth, but the pieces are solid.

Giroud is a great striker when he is on his game, but Arsenal have been waiting for him to stay on his game for four years. They have never provided him with consistent competition and it has cost him many a season full of major question marks.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic fixes everything. Add him to the forefront and suddenly Arsenal’s credentials are solidified. They have a world class striker, stopper and creator. Their defense is a work in progress, but it has proven to be pretty strong more times than not. If Wenger wants to win something before the fans burn down the Emirates, changes have to come.