Arsenal: 15 Greatest Strikers Of All Time

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Arsenal football club is one of the most storied clubs in the world of football and they have bred their fair share of superstar strikers. Here are the top 15.

Arsenal (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

When you win as many trophies as Arsenal has, you have to score a significant number of goals. In order to score a significant number of goals, you have to have a tremendous goal scorer or two. The Gunners have acquiesced to these needs, producing some of the best goal scorers England has ever seen, including having the very best striker to ever touch down in England.

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If you add up all of Arsenal’s strikers who have scored at least 100 goals, you get 2,313 goals. That’s a lot of goals, and that only comes from the best of the best, the 17 scorers to hit that century mark.

Therefore it goes without saying that given their diverse history and their copious goal total, whittling it down to the top 15 is no easy task and it has to come down to more than just goals scored. You may find people on this list ranked higher than someone who scored more goals.

The way we ranked them was by averaging rankings. Andy and myself ranked our top 15 and averaged out our positions to form a consensus top 15. For the most part, we included the same names, just maybe in different positions. But there were two strikers who didn’t make it onto the list that were included in our individual lists, and they will begin our countdown in the honorable mentions.

Also, as a disclaimer, Alexis Sanchez has not made the list. He’s only just become a striker.

Anyway, we will get started with my honorable mention first, and I can’t imagine I am going to make many friends with this.

Honorable Mention: Olivier Giroud

I can hear the collective booing and hissing. But you all have Andy to thank for keeping him out of the top 15. Personally, I put him at 13th. I’m not making this any easier on myself, am I?

But here’s my logic. Olivier Giroud came into the Gunners squad at a time where they didn’t have much of a supporting cast. Everyone blamed him and said he was the reason the Gunners couldn’t win a title, but I think it was the opposite. I think he had a huge part to play in ensuring that the Gunners stayed in Champions League positions at a time where they probably shouldn’t have.

Giroud will never get the credit he deserves, but I hope that history will be kind to him. He’s had his howlers, just like anyone else, but his passion, dedication and improvement make me unquestionably put him in the top 15. Not to mention the fact that his goals record stands up to a lot of the greats out there and he will be the 18th Arsenal player to score 100 goals.

He also brought home two FA Cups for the Gunners.

Moving on, we get to Andy’s honorable mention.

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