Arsenal: Kylian Mbappe Release Clause Wenger’s Chance To Shine

Arsenal missed out on Kylian Mbappe this past summer and now they can have another go, knowing that he is absolutely available. You’re up, Wenger.

There is no sensation quite like finding out that a prime target that Arsenal are factually linked to is available. And by available, I mean that he has a release clause. And by he, I of course mean Kylian Mbappe, the boy wonder.

By Monaco’s sporting director’s own admission, there is a set price tag on Mbappe that clubs can match to enter into negotiations. No big deal. That just means that if Arsenal want Mbappe, they can get him.

Pretty much.

Hearing that Wenger missed out on Mbappe last summer is made even more devastating by the man that this young goal scorer has become this year. Monaco has been an absolute powerhouse and still the 18 year old has fought his way onto the pitch more times than not and he has so much to show for it.

He has scored 22 goals and added five assists across all competitions in an unprecedented campaign that has him as one of, if not the, most attractive names on the transfer market. For both the present and the future, he looks like a no-lose.

Wherever Mbappe moves to next is going to be his big break. He has his pick of the bunch, with Real Madrid supposedly the favorites, but rest assured he is about to explode come next season. Even if he stays at Monaco.

Which means that it is time for Arsene Wenger to dust off the boxing gloves, get in the ring and make this, one of his final bouts, the best of them all.

I can tell you this much, if Wenger can fight his way to Mbappe, a lot of the souring opinions of Le Prof staying on would have to be pacified. Even in the slightest. It would be a huge victory and one that shows that Wenger can and does regularly still win out over the biggest clubs out there.

Wenger has done so many great things for the club and landed a plethora of world class players, both pre-made and with some assembly required. By landing Mbappe, he is giving the club something to build around when he is gone and he is also showing that ruthless side that we never get to see.

With Thierry Henry as his role model, Mbappe has to have Arsenal on his mind. All Wenger has to do is relentlessly drive the point home. Wenger can work magic from time to time, so let’s just hope that this is one of those times.