Arsenal: Sead Kolasinac Lends Hope To Three Back System

Arsenal are still being heavily reported as the winners of the Sead Kolasinac, which has to give us a lot of hope that the three-back system is here to stay.

Arsenal are looking like the winners in the race to sign Bosnian all-round defender Sead Kolasinac and this is a much bigger deal than you may hear, or then his price tag would allude to. Sead Kolasinac is having himself a fantastic year with Schalke 04, a year that keeps getting better.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s left back situation is going nowhere fast. If anything, it is doing the polar opposite of Kolasinac, as it gets worse.

The perks that Kolasinac would bring have been talked about far and wide: He is tough, no-nonsense, a ball winner, fully capable with the ball, hardened, etc. The list goes on. But it is also noteworthy that, while he has made nine whole appearances at left back for the German outfit, he has spent far more time (15 appearances) as a left wing back.

Schalke more often than not utilize a 3-5-2 set with Kolasinac serving as the left wing back, with free reign to traverse that left flank. It is this formation that has gotten him his acclaim, mostly because of his offensive abilities.

He has become something of an assisting master, raking in seven assists thus far into the season and while those have come across being a traditional left back as well as a left wing back, it’s obvious that a wing back will have more opportunities to assist.

Which raises an interesting point. Arsene Wenger tried out the 3-4-3 formation against Middlesbrough and it was clear that Nacho Monreal was not meant for it. But it did bring the Gunners a win, and as such, could it therefore be fathomable that Wenger wants to give it a fighting chance by bringing in a proper wing back?

Kolasinac’s arrival absolutely lends hope to the three back set staying around. And why wouldn’t it? The whole premise of any formation is to get the most out of your players and a three back set emphasizes a lot of Arsenal’s strong suits. It gives the midfielders more freedom, provides more defensive presence and widens play.

All things that the Gunners should want.

Kolasinac can definitely be a straight up left back and he has proven that, but think about having him and the Ox opposite each other on the flanks? That is a heck of a lot of man power, speed and penetration. And it is definitely a conversation that is now worth having with Kolasinac aboard.