Arsenal: Gushing Mesut Ozil must prove he’s worth it

Mesut Ozil has come out gushing in his description of Arsenal football club. However, if he is to stay, he must prove he’s worth it.

The futures of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have undoubtedly been the dominating narrative throughout the season for Arsenal football club. While every decision that is yet to be made hangs under the cloud of Arsene Wenger his own eventuality, the destiny of his two most established, accomplished players are major issues that must be ironed out.

In all truth, no one knows, other than they themselves and perhaps Wenger and other members of the squad, whether they want to stay. It is clear that they have an admiration for the club and for Wenger. But do they want to remain with a team that is stagnating, unable to match their ambition and may not be playing in the Champions League next season?

It is a difficult question to answer from a mere external perspective. However, some recent quotes from Ozil in an interview with Sky Sports have led some to suggest that the German would like to remain an Arsenal player beyond the end of the season. Here is what he had to say when asked about his happiness at the club and what he sees the future will hold:

“I’ve got aims with this club, we all want the top four and that’s what counts at the moment. As I’ve always said in the past, I feel comfortable here. I’m happy. Arsenal belong as one of the best clubs in the world and London is a great place to be, a great city to live in. So after the season we will talk and then we will make a decision from there.”

Now, I am not stating that I believe Ozil wants to stay simply because he’s ‘comfortable here’ and thinks that ‘London is a great place to be’. But, assuming that that is the case, should Arsenal actually want to keep him? Rewind six months, and most fans would, rightly, have branded me mad for even pondering such a thought.

But in the present context of subpar performances in the big games, a lazy attitude defensively and an inability to be as consistently creative as in seasons past, there are some that would suggest that the Gunners may be better off without Ozil. I am not quite ready to go that far – I still think he is a wonderfully gifted player who can lead the side to a Premier League title if given the right supporting cast.

However, Ozil does has to prove his worth to the team. He has four more games remaining this season, including a stellar FA Cup final against impending champions Chelsea. He has the opportunity to begin to dispel his doubts and prove that his future is worth investing in.