Arsenal: Money spent on Thomas Lemar could have been saved

LYON, FRANCE - APRIL 01: Thomas Lemar of AS Monaco celebrate his goal with Benjamin Mendy
LYON, FRANCE - APRIL 01: Thomas Lemar of AS Monaco celebrate his goal with Benjamin Mendy /

Arsenal are hot on the heels of Monaco winger Thomas Lemar, but any money spent on him could have been avoided with a bit more foresight.

Just yesterday, my co-expert Andy covered why Arsenal pursuing Thomas Lemar is so promising. He has something no one else on the club does – directness. He charges fearlessly into defenses rather than trying to tactfully knock down the door, which rarely works.

Pressing the issue like that is a brilliant weapon. It flusters the defense, forces them to make snap decisions and it draws fouls as well. All of which put pressure on the opposing team, something the Gunners are not known for doing.

Not only that, but it is wildly unpredictable. When you go straight into the firing lines, a whole slew of things could happen. After all, something has to happen, because you are forcing it too.

Lemar is a fantastic option, as are most of the Monaco starting XI. But I can’t help but feel that any money that Arsene Wenger spends on Thomas Lemar is money that could have been saved. You see, Arsenal was not always devoid of someone like Lemar. Someone who isn’t afraid to go straight into the heart of it all.

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And no, I don’t mean Jack Wilshere.

I’m talking about Joel Campbell. The enigmatic Costa Rican who, when finally given the chance with the first team, succeeded. And succeeded big time. The only thing that hindered him is the same thing that is now hindering a fully capable Lucas Perez – a gross lack of chances from the only man that matters.

Campbell was direct, fearless and unpredictable, three things that the Gunners needed so badly and, yet again, need today. While some said that Campbell was too wild to be reliable, I found that wildness to be the key to the formula. You never knew what he was going to do, and that meant that the defense didn’t know either. He could cut to either side, come straight into your bubble, fire from thirty yards or lay it off to a team mate.

Unlike Alexis Sanchez, who dribbles, cuts inside and looks to shoot.

Campbell was capable of anything. He is similar to Lemar in that regard. Both don’t bother with tiptoeing around potential hazards. They barge right in and ask you to stop them.

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At this point, Campbell is a lost cause though, so sure why not, let’s spend money on something we already had.