Arsenal: Hulk dreams a nightmare for others


Hulk has revealed that a move to the Premier League and Arsenal would be a dream. Here’s why, although it may be a dream for him, it would be a nightmare for the club.

The summer transfer window is here and clubs, players and their many fans are all dreaming about what could possibly be. Arsenal, like all other clubs, are making preparations for an active summer in which they are able to address many of the needs that their squad is riddled with.

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And one of those primary issues lies with the future of Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean has just a year left on his contract and has visibly grown increasingly frustrated with life at the Emirates, with many drawing the conclusion that he is willing to force an exit having delayed contract talks on a number of occasions.

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Much of the debate that has focused on Sanchez and any possible replacements has centred on the possible struggles that Arsenal may have in attracting players of the calibre capable of filling the Chilean’s rather substantial shoes.

But the Gunners, for a lot of players, are an established club and a favourable destination. The latest to publicly declare his interest in moving to North London is Brazilian attacker Hulk. The former Porto and Zenit St. Petersburg star, who is now playing his football in China, and is earning a pretty penny while doing so, raised the possible destination of Arsenal when asked about what he thinks of a possible move to Premier League:

"“It’s always been a dream, it’s a very competitive championship and the stadiums are full in every game, no matter what the team, I always follow the league and I have always supported Arsenal. [I’m a fan of] Wenger’s way of playing, but unfortunately, he has not won trophies in recent years. The city is very good, the club has a great culture and gives a lot of support. I have a contract for four years and have three left. I am very happy, but nothing is impossible, especially in football.”"

However, while a move to work under Arsene Wenger may be a dream for the Brazilian, it would render a nightmare for everyone else involved. He may be an extremely naturally talented player, with a thunderous shot and wonderful physique. But he is also criminally lazy. He does not put in the effort off of the ball, he does not work hard in training and behind the scenes, as has been commented by many managers, and he would not be cheap.

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Hulk is playing in China for one reason and one reason only: the money. Pursuing a money-orientated, lazy footballer who is now the wrong side of 30 with no experience in the Premier League and little success with the best teams in Europe sounds more like a horror than a dream to me. Thankfully, I doubt anything will ever come of his comments.