Arsenal: One big reason why Alexis Sanchez won’t go to Manchester City

Arsenal nation is getting pelted with repeated reports that Alexis Sanchez is on his way to Manchester City, but this all ignores one big thing.

You’ve probably seen it. The second round of reports that Alexis Sanchez has agreed to betray Arsenal and move to Manchester City. The headlines read identical to the last time this happened, about a week ago. Nothing is different.

I have gone to lengths debunking why Alexis will not go to Manchester City. There are a ton of reasons, ranging from small to huge, why it doesn’t make sense, but I would like to take this opportunity to refocus on the one undeniable reason why Alexis will not pull a Samir Nasri.

And the reason is simple: Alexis wants to win things. Since Pep Guardiola took over Manchester City, Arsenal has won more things than Manchester City. For me, that’s all the reassurance I need. I have trouble believing that a cutesy letter from the Pepster promising Alexis cities of gold is enough to lure him to a project of a Premier League club when he has just as good of a chance, arguably better, of winning things with Arsenal.

Guardiola has the world at his finger tips with financial resources and it won him dick in 2016/17. Absolutely nothing. A Champions League place, sure, which is the one bit of upper hand that he has, but City has never come that close to winning a Champions League and I’d bet on Arsenal to get right back into the competition next year. The odds tend to favor them.

I don’t care what sort of relationships Alexis and Pep have, or what fanciful musings they are supposedly sharing about the glory City is heading towards, there is nothing concrete. And from what we have heard from Alexis, he wants something concrete more than anything. He wants a bigger contract, he wants big name signings and he wants to win things.

Thus far, with the bigger contract on hold and the big name signings in the works, Arsenal remains the better choice.

So why Manchester City? Is Alexis really ready to swap his super stardom at the Emirates just because he wants to hang out with Kevin De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus? Because that doesn’t sound like paradise to me. And if Alexis get’s frustrated with Aaron Ramsey‘s inconsistency (which has steadily improved), then wait until he has to cope with De Bruyne (I’d know, I suffered through him in my fantasy team all season).

City has nothing that the Gunners don’t. Other than that Champions League berth, but again, that doesn’t strike me as the breaking point.

This is just another blowhard point that will fizzle and die and get reincarnated in a week or so.