Arsenal: Alexandre Lacazette Wenger’s last great legacy

Arsene Wenger is looking at a busy summer (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Arsene Wenger is looking at a busy summer (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images) /

Arsenal appear to be welcoming Alexandre Lacazette in the near future, which should make the Frenchman one of Wenger’s last great legacy’s.

Arsenal are reportedly schmoozing with Alexandre Lacazette in London as we speak (read?) which means that it would take a colossal fudge up for this to go south. Meaning that at long last, the Gunners have landed a class act striker that is everything we’ve wanted up front for half a decade.

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Supporters have berated Arsene Wenger‘s inability to land the right striker. Try as he might, his solutions were so clearly only solutions because their price allowed them to be. Whether the club had the financial resources or not, they never went for that big name goal scorer, and that jaded a lot of people’s opinions of Wenger.

From Yaya Sanogo to Lucas Perez, so many strikers have been attempts at brilliant budget signings rather than actually shelling out the money needed to land the right personnel.

Now, however, assuming this Lacazette deal goes through, Wenger is book-ending his time in London with some pretty solid attacking chops. It began with Thierry Henry and now it (most likely) ends with another Frenchman, one that we have been waiting on for three whole years.

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With Jean-Michel Aulas admitting that it was just a matter of days before the deal is completed, we can safely assume that Lacazette is going to be the man to see Wenger to the end of his tenure.

Which is borderline ironic. Wenger never spent big money on a striker. He spent big money (for the time) on Thierry Henry and since then, he has been nickle and diming at the position. It worked out pretty damn well with Robin van Persie and Olivier Giroud would have been great with a complimentary striker, but big bucks for a striker was like kryptonite for Wenger.

That’s why it’s so perfect that Wenger is breaking a club record to land Lacazette right as he nears the final two years of his legendary two-plus decades in North London. But along with the irony and the relief, there is also that unmistakable call to wonder.

What if this had happened earlier? What if we had challenged Giroud from the start and stayed true to what made Arsenal superb – beautiful, flowing attacking football, which requires a cold-blooded killer up front?

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Regardless of what could have been, at least it looks like it is all headed towards a high note. The Gunners were already a pretty solid team on paper, but now that they have virtually no gaps in class, expect to see Lacazette emerge as one of the more monumental deals Wenger has accomplished.