Arsenal: Hector Bellerin may capitulate to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain exit

Arsenal certainly had an interesting summer and the emerging reports make the future even more interesting. So what will Hector Bellerin do?

Arsenal nation will be gearing up their boos, waiting for the return fixture when Liverpool comes to the Emirates. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will get the Cesc Fabregas treatment. Especially considering how even the club was cold with him in their farewell message.

This puts Hector Bellerin in an interesting position. On the one hand, BBC’s David Ornstein said that there were several players that asked Arsene Wenger for an exit. Shkodran Mustafi (who I have trouble believing) and Hector Bellerin were among them.

Bellerin now has free roam on the right back role, with the Ox removed from the picture. But this emergence that he wanted to be sold to Barcelona carries with it two possible scenarios. Either he can capitalize on the opportunity to grow in the role even more or he can become Oxlade-Chamberlain 2.0 and capitulate.

Bellerin is locked in until 2022. Meaning that he could fetch a small fortune from Barcelona, who have been trying to win him back ever since he emerged with the first team in North London.

That raises an interesting potential scenario, because if Reiss Nelson is up and coming and if he can prove himself, then sell the Spaniard for a massive profit and reinvest that money elsewhere.

It’s really a question of whether or not we want to deal with players that don’t want to be here. I have already grown irritable with Alexis Sanchez not wanting to be here and he hasn’t even come back from international duty yet.

Bellerin can grow into something special in a role that facilitates all his strengths, but if his heart is always going to be elsewhere, what’s the actual point in keeping him? He is clearly going to go the way of Cesc Fabregas before him, even if he continually denied this in his younger years.

With Bellerin seeing that Oxlade-Chamberlain was sold, I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses that to force an exit next summer. It’s something we really need to start accepting because I don’t think we are going to win him over from wanting to be at Barcelona.

On the bright side, like I said, he will require a huge fee given his youth, talent and contract. And it’s not like we can’t replace him. He hasn’t been in his best form since becoming a wingback and I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he did capitulate to Oxlade-Chamberlain’s exit instead of capitalizing on it.