Arsenal: Come on West Ham, we’ve had it way worse

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Scenes were ugly at the London Stadium during their game with Brighton, but with all the suffering, Arsenal fans have had it much worse for much longer.

West Ham vs Burnley was home to some catastrophic scenes as fans started protesting against the management by turning on the board and running on the pitch. But come on West Ham, Arsenal have been suffering for much longer for the same matter.

Arsenal are well out of the title race and with the only options available into qualifying for the Champions League is to win the Europa League or somehow manage to accumulate more than 13 points more than Chelsea and Spurs in the next 9 games to sneak into a 4th place finish, it definitely seems like the odds are stacked against the Gunners.

With majority of the fans envisioning the downfall due to constant lack of investing in quality players during the transfer windows and the mismanagement of the club from the manager and the board, its safe to say many are not surprised that the club is having the worst Premier League season for over 20 years.

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With the stronghold of 2 away goals against AC Milan, chances of qualifying into the next round of the Europa League seem better. Although with teams such as Atletico Madrid, Lyon, Red Bull Leipzig and Lazio still within the competition, the Gunners are definitely not going to have an easy ride to the final, considering they make it to the final.

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Manchester City put salt on the wounds by beating the North Londoners 6-0 on aggregate over 2 games, one of them in a 3-0 battering in the League Cup final. After the losses to the Citizens, Arsenal would go on to lose 2-1 to Brighton in a game that would really put the pressure on the board and the manager, making it 4 losses in a row, something that has never happened under the management of Arsene Wenger.

It’s probably been the first time Arsene Wenger has looked out of place and defeated as cliche as it is to say. With all the protests and marches over the year against Wenger, he would always salvage the season by finishing in the top four or winning the FA cup, but this time many can see that he looks defeated and unable to motivate his players.

But with all the protests falling on deaf ears, do Arsenal fans go as far as to take matters into their own hands like West Ham supporters did in their 3-0 home defeat to Burnley?

To recap what happened at the London Stadium, a number of West Ham fans ran onto the pitch confronting the players, and then a large number of their supporters hurdled abuse at the directors box, resulting in the owners of the clubs having to be rushed out early from the game for their safety. The scenes where chaotic.

Though I don’t agree with fans running on the pitch and attacking players, I whole heatedly understand their frustrations with the owners of the club.

But lets face it, West ham’s fall from grace is not nearly as long as Arsenal’s. Yes we won 3 FA cups in 4 years, but not mounting a serious title challenge since the 2007/08 season, when in previous years they would be either finishing first or second, it makes you wonder how Arsenal fans haven’t lost their minds yet.

Both clubs are being run by toxic owners who have turned their club into a business, which seems to be something both clubs have in common and it has not sat well with the fans.

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Arsenal went from world beaters to losing 10 games in league with 9 still left to play. Maybe there’s a touch of class that the North London supporters have over their West London rivals, whatever the reason, West Ham and Arsenal supporters share the same passion and only want what’s best for their beloved club.