Arsenal: Lucas Perez can work wonders for so many reasons

Arsenal are supposedly ready to give Lucas Perez one last chance, thanks to Unai Emery’s insistence, and this is not something to discount so easily.

Arsenal’s primary concerns lie on the defensive end. They need a new keeper, a deep-lying midfielder, maybe a centerback. All in all, it was the main thing that held them back. They scored plenty of goals, but they gave up far too many too.

But the attack can still use bolstering, no doubt. The problem is, given how small that transfer budget is – and it is tiny – it seems unrealistic to be able to fix all of these problems. I would love to see two wingers as well, but without significant sales, that isn’t realistic.

Enter Lucas Perez. The exiled Spanish attacker who, for unknown reasons, just did not jive with Arsene Wenger. According to reports, Unai Emery is set to call Lucas Perez to a meeting in order to establish how he can be used with the Gunners this year.

Not everyone is quite taken by this idea, but there reasoning is easily disproved. They say that he was never good enough, that he didn’t make the grade at Arsenal.

False. He was never given the chance to make the grade.

Every chance he had, he was more than capable. He is very similar to Alexandre Lacazette in his capacity to finish well and link up play effectively.

Plus, Who would be more wound up than Lucas Perez? The man always wanted to play for Arsenal, he made that so painstakingly clear, and he never got the chance. So now that someone is going to give him the chance, someone Spanish, no less, don’t you think that he is going to be more enthused than ever to prove himself?

And let’s not fool ourselves, Lucas was not a bad player. Not by a long shot.

Lucas Perez is a resource, and untapped mine or potential that could be drilled into and unleashed by Unai Emery, a manager who believes in him, has seen and played against him, and understands him more than Arsene Wenger ever could.

This is a breath of fresh air, that Emery is so dedicated to the current stock, so sold on the talent that is here, that he is even considering digging into the resources that have been shunned by the former manager in an attempt to save precious money (your welcome, Stan).

Next stop, Joel Campbell.