Arsenal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is Alexandre Lacazette’s biggest fan

Arsenal’s acquisition of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was supposed to cast doubt on Alexandre Lacazette, but it has done the complete opposite.

When Arsenal first acquired Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, many thought it meant the premature end of Alexandre Lacazette. Arsene Wenger would never play with two strikers, and with two players that required it, one had to go.

Seeing as how Aubameyang was brought on after Lacazette, it only made sense that the latter would be the one to make way.

It didn’t help that Lacazette was struggling to score goals, and it was helped even less when he had to undergo a surprise knee surgery.

The end of Lacazette felt far nigher than we could have imagined at the start of the season.

Only the end never came. And that is mostly because the man who was here to seemingly replace him – Aubameyang – became Lacazette’s biggest support system in the club.

It started with the penalty against Stoke City, where Aubameyang passed up the chance at a hat trick to let Lacazette have an easy way back into the goal column. And since then, it has been made incredibly clear just how determined Aubameyang is to not just succeed on his own, but succeed as a unit and, smaller picture, as an attacking pairing.

Now that Unai Emery is here, there are new questions to ask and Aubameyang has asked several.

One such question was – can we play with two attackers now?

Aubameyang has been deployed on the left wing – to great affect, I might add – but the Gabonese striker is determined to get back up front, despite the fact that Lacazette has fortified his own position there.

To Aubameyang, it isn’t a matter of unseating Lacazette for the starting striker role. It’s about working as a partnership. He wants the team to play with two attackers, something that hasn’t happen for years. Olivier Giroud wanted the same thing, but he never got the answer he wanted either.

But again, this is a new manager, and to Aubameyang, that represents a new chance to get that he feels is best for not just himself, but the team as well. And oh, by the way, the fact that it also happens to not infringe upon Lacazette’s standing is an added benefit.

You can’t teach chemistry. But that’s okay because Aubameyang looks like he has gobs of it. So let’s keep it going and never look back.