Arsenal vs Huddersfield: 5 key players as tug of war continues

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Arsenal were just tugged forward by Manchester City, now they get to tug back against Huddersfield. Here are the five key players.

Arsenal, Laurent Koscielny

Arsenal, Laurent Koscielny (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Arsenal are coming off the back of a particularly deflating loss to Manchester City, not because it was an embarrassing match, or because we were woefully outmatched, but there are just such clear problems in the club that seem like they shouldn’t be a problem – creating chances, for instance.

Huddersfield is next and, well, no one has given up more goals than them. They are a susceptible defense if ever there was one and they are a whole 13 points below the relegation line. It isn’t looking good for the Terriers, which means it looks great for the Gunners to bounce back and unleash some of that frustration against a team that they really should be ransacking.

But as has been the theme lately, the question that they have to answer is where the chances are going to come from. They have two deadly strikers, they just have to supply them, and Unai Emery has his options as far as how to do that.

That said, it’s not like Huddersfield can’t make this really uncomfortable for us. We’ve just been exposed by City and while Huddersfield is no City, they undoubtedly know our weaknesses, so it will be up to these five guys to ensure that we don’t compile on last week’s loss.

We will start with No. 5.

5. Laurent Koscielny

I could not be happier about how well Laurent Koscielny has been doing lately at the heart of that defense. Ever since finding his footing after that nasty injury, he’s been every bit as good as he has ever been, and it came at the perfect time, because this defense was having a hard time finding someone to rely on.

No matter how much he cleans up though, he still has a job ahead of him to organize whoever happens to be at the back with him, which is always a revolving door. Someone has to keep the opposing attack out, and Koscielny is our best hope.

Moving on to No. 4.

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