Arsenal: Selling Krystian Bielik is by no means a catastrophe

Rumors have emerged that Unai Emery has informed Krystian Bielik that he has no future with Arsenal. Many wrongfully view the decision as a catastrophe.

As of recently, there has been various reports stating the young, Polish defender, Krystian Bielik, has been told by Unai Emery that he is surplus to requirements. The Polish youngster who was on loan last season at Charlton, reportedly wants a chance with the Arsenal first team.

Bielik has apparently told the club he is not willing to go on loan again and wants confirmation that he will be given a proper chance in the first team squad or he will leave. Many fans have gone into meltdown after the news emerged. Though to a certain extent, frustration is understandable, given how poor our defense has been over the past couple of seasons, it is still certainly a bit of an overreaction from a large portion of Gooners. Selling Bielik would by no means be a catastrophe.

The hype around the 21-year-old Polish defender commenced following his decent season for Charlton last year, along with his solid performances in the U-21 World Cup. Though he put in a few decent performances over the past year or so, moving him on would not be detrimental to the club.

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Unfortunately, Arsenal find themselves in a position where they have to sell players, who’s to say Bielik is immune to the metaphorical axe?

Arsenal fans are very easily excitable, especially when it comes to youngsters. For example, when Alex Iwobi abruptly burst onto the scene, fans were immediately under the impression that he was going to be the next big thing to come through the infrastructure.

However, a couple of below-par seasons have caused a large portion of the Arsenal fans to turn against him completely, given how high their expectations were. Bielik has not even put in a decent performance at the top level yet and already has an abundance of fans overhyping him.

Bielik has not yet proven himself at the top level and has failed to impress two different managers. Clearly, the Polish youngster is under the impression that he deserves a chance to have a crack at the whip; however, if Emery does not share the same belief, then it is certainly Bielik’s time to move on and explore new horizons.

A club the size of Arsenal with a youth academy as solid as it is, will unfortunately see some quality slip through the cracks. A prime example is that of Serge Gnabry, who has gone on to be a smash-hit at Bayern Munich, helping them to win yet another Bundesliga title and also wining the “Bayern Munich player of the season award”.

Gnabry appeared to be quite “average” in the red and white of Arsenal and even the white and blue of West Bromwich Albion when he was loaned there for a season.

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Bielik is not the first talented young player looking to leave the club and unfortunately he will also not be the last. Losing players that have potential can be upsetting, but it is certainly not catastrophic. At the end of the day, if Bielik is unwilling to do what the club wants him to, then the answer to the question of his future is blatantly evident.