Arsenal: Forgive me, but I just really don’t want Wilfried Zaha

Arsenal and Wilfried Zaha is shaping up to be the forbidden romance of the summer. But like most forbidden romances, I hate it, and find it annoying.

Arsenal haven’t spent this much time mulling over a player since Edinson Cavani, who I think is still rumored to make a shocking move to the Emirates. But even with Cavani, there was a shred of sense to it. We needed another striker, and while expensive, Arsene Wenger had pulled magic out of his hat (I don’t think he’s actually ever wore a hat) before.

Also, with Cavani, I was actually excited by the prospect. With Wilfried Zaha, I’m sorry (but not really) to say that I just really, really don’t want him at the club. It’s not that I don’t think he’s talented. Of course he’s talented, he plays in the Premier League.

It’s just a matter of practicality, and what it would mean big picture, aside from just acquiring a winger who should probably be on a better team.

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It all started in the comparisons between him and Ryan Fraser. Fraser, who is a far less climactic signing (for literally no reason) has outperformed Zaha every single year. The statistics paint a very clear picture of pure dominance from Fraser, and they play in very similar circumstances.

Yet it’s Zaha that costs three times more than Fraser? Nobody has ever been able to explain this to me. What, because Zaha dribbles better he’s three times as valuable? It’s all about name recognition and value, and Zaha has more.

Speaking of things I hate, transfers based on name value rank up there. Everyone knows Zaha far more than they know Fraser, thus his value balloons. That is stupid business to enter into, and I hate that out club is still entertaining the notion.

Then there is the matter of having so many other cheaper options, like Hakim Ziyech, with superior track records as well. Do you realize that Zaha’s best season ever was seven goals and nine assists? Now that’s quite good, don’t get me wrong, but for the price he’s commanding? Not a chance. And don’t tell me he’s been doing this all on Crystal Palace because Ryan Fraser.

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I have yet to hear a good argument why we should bring in Zaha. We have youth options who I’d rather see duking it out. If we’re going to unload massive cash, do it for someone better and more prolific than Zaha.