Arsenal: Unai Emery’s successor is obvious and it’s not Brendan Rodgers

Arsenal are being urged to replace Unai Emery, and the right candidate is right in front of us, and his name is not Brendan Rodgers.

Thankfully, the international break is actually going to give us a “break” from all the drama that Arsenal has produced from the past weeks. It’s seems that if t’s not the Granit Xhaka episode, it’s the Aubameyang controversy and if that wasn’t all, Lacazette has been the target of some hate on social media (with no reason) and Unai Emery’s future is a headache on its own.

The thing is that this toxic cloud is not going anywhere while the board seems content on staying put by its original plan, either because financial reasons or because they haven’t found a substitute worthy of puling the trigger at this point of the season.

And while things may or may not keep deteriorating after the team comes back from international activity I thought of an idea that could give a glimpse of hope for the future.

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Unai Emery has to and probably will go. It’s obvious to everyone who has watched Arsenal the past few weeks and it’s an experiment that shouldn’t have happened in the first place considering his track record at PSG where this kind of situation developed more likely the same as now.

The thing is that if he’s gone, it’s probable because he couldn’t reach a Champions League spot, and without Champions League football it’s also very probably that the team’s biggest stars Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette could also be on their way out.

So in this doomsday scenario, Which manager would like to put his credibility on the line to try to rescue the club of this hole? Enter Eddie Howe.

Eddie Howe has being linked with Arsenal before, mainly because of his offensive style of play who has some basis of the “Wengerball” that built Arsenal’s identity. Also, his track record at Bournemouth has been fantastic if we count that he has managed the team since they were at League Two, with limited resources and maximizing the potential of the players at his disposal using his man-management skills.

He has made Bournemouth one of the most entertaining and eye-catching teams in the Premier League. Maybe not the most balanced, but exciting nonetheless.

With his track record being so positive, his experience with limited resources, eagerness to play youth players and offensive style of play, Eddie Howe would be Arsenal’s shot to join this new wave of young coaches taking over the game.

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It’s also probable that Howe wouldn’t give up that comfort at Bournemouth easily, but I’m confident that the board could make a very exciting pitch and offer to make him the coach for next season and many more, making Arsenal and his fanbase proud of the “Entertainers” nickname again.