Arsenal: Mesut Ozil highlight vs Brighton says it all

Mesut Ozi has hit the headlines for on particular moment against Brighton, and the fact that it’s on Arsenal fans’ minds is all you need to know.

After Arsenal‘s loss to Brighton, there was plenty to talk about, but there were questions asked of Tony Adams in the post-match interview relating to the fiery rant that Mesut Ozil went on after the match. Adams was for it. It shows passion. Yay.

The thing is, it wasn’t a fiery rant at all. It’s being hailed as a “tantrum” and a “rant” when in fact it was just Ozil walking away, frowning, and shouting “Laca!” before passing Per Mertesacker on his way down the tunnel.

If that’s a rant, then I give up. This is such a non-story; a way for these ridiculous news outlets to gauge a susceptible fan base. You could even tell from Tony Adams remarks that he really didn’t care.

For starters, we don’t even know what Ozil was yelling at Alexandre Lacazette for because he onl said one thing—”Laca.” That’s it. Maybe Laca was his ride home and Ozil wanted to get back to playing Fortnite. Who knows.

The point is that the ridiculous amount of non-stories coming out of this match surrounding our superstars tells the story. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang took a shat break. Mesut Ozil yelled a word and looked upset.

That’s the highlights of the day for these two. How we managed to not notice that Aubameyang had left the pitch and how Ozil yelled a word. That’s it. Nothing they did on the pitch because, let’s be honest, what did they actually do on the pitch?

Which gets to the crux of the issue. These are our superstars. These are the internationally acclaimed talents that are supposed to be the heart of the club and their highlights in a loss are a bowel movement and a word post-match. It’s sad really, that this is all we have to talk about. Because they’ve given us nothing more.

It’s just further proof that this club needs to be gutted. Clean out the rot and the mold, of which I now included Ozil and Aubameyang, and start from scratch. This festering wound needs to be amputated or it’s only going to get worse.

Now we just need to find buyers for players that are clearly more distractions than anything else. Aubameyang will fetch a pretty price, but Ozil? Not so much.